What Makes Essential Oils Better Than Other Alternatives?

by Ashwini Nair on April 26, 2021

The power and enchanting essence of aromatherapy scintillates since several ancient cultures such as China, India and Egypt. Resins, balms or oils. All found a mention in the scaptulating knowledge of healing therapies. The rich natural substances came to be utilised for both medical and religious purposes. They became the unique cure with their life changing physical and psychological advantages.


What may interest you is the fact that the process of distillation of essential oils is attributed to the great Persian civilisation of the 10th century and it is believed to exist even before that. German and French physicians began researching and recognising the very potential of essential oils in the healing process.


Being 100% organic makes these oils less prone to hazardous chemical side effects. Other alternatives such as soaps and creams are nonetheless chemically made. These oils are extracted from all possible natural sources such as flowers, bark, stem leaves, fruits and roots. The discovery of essential oils in nature’s lap prompted scientists and healers to decipher antiseptic and permeability properties of these oils. While other products can trigger chemical reactions, essential oils tend to not do so.


  • Skin Healing

 Most of these oils are used directly on skin. Owing to their skin permeability, these also have rich benefits for your delicate skin. Inhalation and even baths are used to apply these oils and give the advantages to your skin with aura. Damaged skin can be treated and healed using essential oils. When we replace soaps and face washes with essential oil, we can easily point out the better results that oils give. With their deep nourishing effects, oils such as lavender oil and tea tree oil can be an aid to problems like acne, eczema or wrinkles. Any ageing cream comes at a hefty price but essential oils are affordable and better. Ancient cultures have shown proof of the oils working against skin problems. What shouldn’t surprise anyone is the possible hair care essential oils can provide. Be it lavender oil or peppermint oil. These have been known to make your hair shinier and better.


  • Pain Relief

 These oils are capable of entering our human system and remodulate themselves to work efficiently in a manner that heals any site of pain or malfunction. Permutations and combinations help such aromatherapies to provide relief to ailments such as depression, headache, indigestion, muscular pain and joint problems. Along with healthy diet and lifestyle choices, essential oil can erase almost every problem of your body.


  • Stress Reduction

Yes, you read that right. Essential oils are capable of reducing stress levels. Even by inhaling some essential oils, signals are sent out to our mind to feel optimism. No wonder why so many massage therapies center around the use of essential oils. Such relaxing characteristics enable these essential oils to make your head and life feel lighter. Substitutes such as antidepressants and artificial relaxers can cause hormonal imbalance in the body.

Not to our surprise, essential oil’s magic must have captured your attention and must have got you thinking to know more about it. At Satianu, efforts to take essential oils to the next level of being a part of mainstream life have been made. We seek to share the vast knowledge that we can. Being a woman led startup, we strongly believe in the power of self love. You shouldn’t hesitate in not trying out what's best for you. Drop us a DM to learn more about our aromatherapy blends and essential oils.