Our History

This surreal journey of fragrances began with us being a zealous small-scale company that specialised in customised aroma gifting for organisations and corporates. We were truly humbled by the overwhelming love and response from our clients, owing to which, we decided to hit the gear and explore the manifold depths of aromatherapy, essential oils and fragrances. 

Our company stands firm on the rich legacy of over 35 years of our family business. Exploring and experiencing this field inside out has been a truly insightful expedition. We were spellbound to witness the potential and positive impact aroma can have on our minds, lives and bodies. With Satianu, we aspire to make aromatherapy an extension of people’s lifestyle; fragrances are beyond what just meets the nose. It has the power to directly impact our mind and our emotions

Satianu is a beautiful culmination of the bounties of nature, set forth to empower people and enhance lives through mesmerising scents and aromatherapy.


“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” This is our Co-founder in a nutshell. A creative visionary with spiritual instincts, Ashwini believes in sharing her knowledge with the world. She decided to take a breather from the corporate world to have a deeper understanding of herself and her purpose. From bidding adieu to a world-renowned company to joining a spiritual group, she firmly believes in her ulterior aim of connecting with people on a more personal level. Set out on a journey of finding her true happiness, she came back with a stronger sense of self, trying to impact lives, one scent at a time. She studied Scent design from the UK and now aims to integrate scent and spirituality to develop and nurture a community of individuals who connect with themselves and life as a whole.


A design-enthusiast and a seasoned traveler at heart, Aishwarya Nair is the quintessential philosophic friend that we all need. With a knack for connecting with people and establishing close ties with artsy brains, she stands firm on her grounds of delivering quality services. She believes that pouring our hearts into our work is the ultimate success mantra. She explored and studied perfumery from the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, France where she was introduced to natural ingredients that intrigued and mesmerized her. She then decided to deep dive into the world of naturals by pursuing her journey to become an internationally recognized aromatherapist. A mindful learner, she believes that our experiences make us unique and nourish us with warmth and joy. With Satianu, she is set out to make scents, an extension of our lives and being.


Satianu is a journey of the self, for the self, to the self. It swaddles all the goodness of Mother Nature to enhance our minds, bodies and lives. At Satianu, we embrace transparency; hence we encourage you to make a well informed choice by carefully browsing through the natural quotient of each product. Satianu Naturometer is a mark carried consistently in every Satianu product, which symbolizes the exact percentage of natural ingredients in it. Unfurling the natural ingredients for our patrons is our way of strengthening our relationship with them, while making them aware of the benefits of these all-natural components.


We vow to deliver to you, all of NATURE’s goodness, in a bottle. With our all Natural and Artistically Crafted scents, you are certain to experience pure bliss. Transparency is one of our core values, leading us to unfold the quotient of natural ingredients, for you to make a healthy, informed choice. All our essential oils, carrier oils, and many of our aromatherapy blends are Unadulterated, ensuring a seamless, aromatic and natural experience. With Restorative powers, Satianu essential oils help with Immunity building and releasing stress. The source of our products is mother earth and we feel it our responsibility to ensure that we are mindful of our actions and are Earth conscious.


There is a deep connection between nature and humans, The answers and the experiences that we crave, are often hidden within nature itself. Aromatherapy is a beautiful, subtle yet very impactful medium, through which we humans can connect with nature, and eventually connect with ourselves. It's amazing how nature has designed these beautiful scents unique to every flower, every leaf, in fact every part of different plants. These scents protect them from predators and diseases, and sensually attract their pollinators for propagation. But These unique natural scents have so many trace ingredients that Humans can get close to imitating a natural scent but not completely.What’s interesting is that these oils have a similar functionality for us Humans as it has for the plants. And hence, most essential oils can be used for antiseptic and antibacterial functions. Floral notes like Jasmine, Rose etc are very attractive and can play a role in enhancing sensuality. As humans, we are driven by emotions. To love and to be loved is one of our spiritual wants. We can often discover myriads of our emotions through scents, as the sense of smell is intertwined with memories and emotions. The power of aroma can transport you to a time or place instantly. Scents manifest surreal powers that can change your mood, relieve you, lighten you up, de-stress you and calm you down in the most mesmerising ways. Just how a rose exudes the best fragrance if embraced by a moist soil, humans too emit radiance with just a few sniffs of essential oils and scents. After all, the more you give, the more you get! Hence we at Satianu, want to bring about Self love and a connection with Nature , through aromatherapy and scent.