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Workshops where the mystical aromas of essential oils meet the tangible, transformative power of positive energy.A perfect blend of learning and hands-on experience, designed for both beginners and enthusiasts alike.

‘Sati’ symbolizes Awareness and ‘Anu ‘stands for atom. Thus ‘Satianu’ reminds us that ‘there is awareness in every atom’ We at Satianu want to promote healthy lifestyles filled with self-awareness through the power scent- we offer a range of high quality aromatherapy products and experiences. These oils can touch your soul & heal your body, if used in the right way, with love and patience. anything great takes time and we spend time in each process of making our products, paying attention to detail and quality, so that they are the best form of our creative expression for your best experience.

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Make an informed choice with the SATIANU NATUROMETER

We Tell You The Natural Quotient Of Every Oil Using The Naturometer.
Sourced from Nature and inspired by its abundance.

All our oils come with N.A.T.U.R.E's promise.

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